Looking to purchase a new PC but not sure what to look for? Put our nerds to work for you! We can recommend a PC for anyone. We price shop for you to keep the cost down.


Viruses, spyware, and adware-

OH MY! If your system becomes infected, we can clean it. We'll for pickup or drop off of your system, rebuild it, and return it clean and ready for use.


Want to get the most out of your computer or smart phone? We offer tutoring services for all Microsoft Office products; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access, InfoPath, Outlook as well as for general Windows use. These classes are customized to teach you only the things you want to learn. Classes can be held in person or over a screen sharing session.

NOTE: Smart phone classes are only held in-person.


Most PCs experiencing a hardware failure are repairable. Much like vehicles, parts can be replaced for cheaper than the cost and time involved with replacing an entire PC. Let us fix your PC and get it back up and running in no time.



Are you tired of paying the cable company a monthly fee to use their wireless services? Let us install wireless for you. Having your own wireless pays for itself and the savings keep building!

All wireless installations are set up secured, encrypted, and password protected.


Need to upgrade your home or office PC software? We can handle all your needs from Operating Systems (client and server based) to Microsoft Office Suites.


Our nerds provide professional and reliable consulting services for your home or office. Whether you want to add features to your network or undertake a complete overhaul, let's build it together.


One of the biggest problems in the computing world is data loss . We provide personal and business-grade solutions whether you want to backup to the cloud or local storage.

Is your Disaster Recovery plan in place? If not, contact us for a consultation!


Do you want to add a network printer to your home or office that everyone can use? How about a central location that stores your files, pictures, and other data? We can help build expand your home or office network by adding shared resources.

The Nerd Promise

Ask A Nerd strives for 100% customer satisfaction.
We stand by our work and offer a 10-day guarantee on all services.

All work performed will be documented on the INFO SHEET which is part of all client receipts. This document serves as a contract of services and will be upheld as such. Any issues with services rendered will gladly be reviewed and if needed, all changes to PC(s) at time of service will be reversed (if possible), free of charge during the guarantee period.

If you have questions on any services provided, please contact us by using the Contact Us button below.